Geo BPO Services


We are committed to helping our clients improve their business in the following disciplines:

  • Procurement BPO
  • Services help companies who are interested in sourcing new products, expanding their product range and looking for manufacturing partners in Asia Pacific and South East European regions. We also conduct research to help companies to select suitable and reliable suppliers in a cost effective way. 
  • Market Entry BPO
  • Assists companies or individual entering Asia and South East European markets. With Geo's insight, analysis and operational consulting experience can help our clients enter emerging markets with confidence. 
  • Management BPO
  • Assists foreign companies who plan to launch their business in Mainland China. Geo is to assist you to manage your business in Mainland China, whereas Geo will take full responsibility over the business and guarantee efficiency, throughout avoiding of such common threats as technology know-how loose, over-taxation of business, inability of investment repatriation. 


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